Diagnosis and Repair

We offer comprehensive and effective solution for your computer and peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and routers as well as over 500 software applications.

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Fix Hardware and Software Issues

Globaltech Squad Inc. help you overcome issues linked with hardware and software in conjunction with its installation in your computer, laptops and smartphones. Apart from that Globaltech Squad Inc. renovate your computer with our cutting-edge online technical support that will fix your entire technical flaw.

Fix Compatibility Issues

The technicians at Global Tech Squad Inc. fix conflicts and compatibility issues with the software, applications, and hardware running on your computer. Our experts have a soft hand on resolving compatibility issues.

Reduce Computer Crashes

Global Tech Squad Inc. has a team which helps you overcome all issues with your computers like slow system performance, freezing and crash issues, start-up problems, Internet connectivity problem, driver and other software problems in your laptops and computers.

Detect and Fix the Root Cause of the Problem

Detecting the root cause of the problem helps to provide effective solution as well as it help to prevent the recurrence of the problem.